About Catherine

Hi, I’m Catherine Rudolph. I am passionate about getting every child the sleep they biologically need and deserve. I decided to take my passion a step further and became certified as an infant and child sleep consultant. I have studied under Deborah Pedrick, a pioneer sleep consultant and founder of the Family Sleep Institute and The International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

I have experienced first hand how challenging it is when you are sleep deprived and feeling overwhelmed by all the sleep books to read and not sure which direction to go next to get your baby to sleep. When I had my daughter, she got into a great sleep schedule with minimal effort. So when my son was born, I applied the same techniques but did not get the same results. I had done everything I knew to do and nothing was working. I was at the end of my rope so I decided to reach out to a sleep consultant and she literally changed my life! I couldn’t believe the huge improvements he made and I had gotten my family back to some normalcy again. That was more than I ever could have hoped for from the consultation.

I am a wife and proud mother of two young children. I am originally from Tampa, Florida but moved to Columbus, OH where we started our family. I have a BA in Psychology from Elon University and prior to having kids, I worked in Human Resources at a Fortune 500 company. I also grew up nannying for families and experiencing how every child and family is truly unique. Overall, I always knew I wanted to do something where I helped people. As a sleep consultant, I have the opportunity to do that, as well as, give families something priceless…sleep (and the sanity that comes with it too)!

My goal is to get everyone in your family the sleep they need. I will do my best to “simplify” your child’s sleep issues by working with parents to come up with simple, personalized and easy to follow sleep plans that fit within every families’ philosophies and beliefs.

I hope to have the opportunity to help your family get the sleep everyone needs!



"Catherine is a miracle worker!  When we started working with her, our 12 week old baby would only sleep in his swing and was severely overtired.  After working with Catherine, our baby was sleeping through the night in his crib, and taking regular naps.  Catherine was incredibly responsive to questions, and never treated any question as unimportant.  And because she’s a mother, she understands that sleep happens in a real-world context– and so is not only sympathetic to issues like car seat naps during siblings’ events, but has helpful advice for managing sleep within daily life.  As our baby has grown, we have continued to call on Catherine, and she’s seen us through sicknesses, daylight savings, and other sleep issues– always with a sympathetic ear, a sense of humor, and reasonable solutions.”

– Susannah, Mom to Benjamin, 9 months old 

“After following your advice to a tee, Emma was napping in her crib for 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon without fail! I really couldn’t believe that it only took 4 days. We’ve even been on a couple of vacations since our correspondence and she is always able to nap on schedule without any problem..its amazing! Thank you a million times!”

– Dianna, Mom to Emma, 4 months old

Catherine saved our sanity and helped get our little one back to sleep. Our daughter has never been a great sleeper, but when she turned two we entered a whole new level of sleep deprivation, which caused anxiety for us  and lack of sleep for everyone. Every night for two months our daughter would wake up screaming and crying hysterically. We ruled out night terrors but every night it was the same thing – she would wake up screaming and one of us would have to sleep on the floor in her room for the rest of the night after an hour of cuddling and reassurance. Any hint of us moving out of her room would send her over the edge into uncontrollable crying and screaming again. With Catherine’s help we were able to discover the root of the problem. My husband travels a lot for work and our daughter was having severe separation anxiety even when he was home. Catherine helped us create sleep rules that gave more structure to our bedtime routine, making bedtime enjoyable, and gave us suggestions for how to talk to our daughter about upcoming travel. We even created a special bear at Build-A-Bear named Daddy Bear that was created by daddy and daughter for her to have when he’s away. Catherine was wonderful to work with and because she’s a mom of young children herself she completely understands where you’re coming from as a parent. I would highly recommend Catherine to help you solve any sleep challenges your little ones may have. Instead of waiting for things to get better, do yourself a favor and hire Catherine to help you get to the solution faster!

– Sara, Mom to Lily, 3 years old

“Catherine worked with me to get my previously non-napping 9 month old son on a sleep schedule.  Not only did she succeed in getting him on a schedule, but she took the time to explain exactly how infant sleep cycles work, recommended literature, and was constantly available to answer any questions I had.  Catherine assisted us again when we transitioned our son from two naps to one.  She has offered support when we grew discouraged and still checks in often to see how he is sleeping.  Additionally, she provided guidance on keeping our son in his crib once he had started climbing and has even helped us with making the daylight savings transition easier.  Without working with Catherine, we would still be struggling to get our son to nap consistently.  My son now takes one nap a day and sleeps 7pm to 6am and Catherine was instrumental in helping make that happen!  I would highly recommend (and often do) to anyone needing guidance or help in understanding their child’s sleep needs.  I really had no idea how much my quality of life would change for the better once everyone was well rested!”

– Megan, Mom to Ace, 9 months old

Put simply, Catherine is a miracle worker. She literally and figuratively gave us our lives back. After struggling mightily with our daughter to get on any sort of a normal sleep schedule, we had all but given up hope. When we reached out to Sleeplicity for help, Catherine used our input to create a sleep plan that was designed specifically for our family. Within two nights, our 6-month old was sleeping through the night and napping right on schedule. Without Catherine’s help we would have been completely lost. She shared with us so much knowledge and information, but more importantly, she gave us the confidence we needed to succeed. We were blown away by the personal attention she paid to our family throughout the entire process. Her passion for helping families get the rest they need is easy to see. We can’t thank her enough.”

– Monique, Mom to Joey, 6 months old